Visual Studio 2017 – Installer

Visual Studio 2017 is finally here and it’s time to head to  to get  the official version. It has been redesigned to be fast, lightweight, and modular. The foundation of the product is the Core editor. The core editor is only a few MB in size and contains the essential elements that are common across languages including keyword colorization, syntax-aware code editing, code control, work item management and symbolic search for over twenty languages.

Visual Studio 2017 supports side by side installations without conflicts. The new visual studio is far more isolated from the rest of the system and requires fewer system wide dependencies. This was made possible by vastly reducing the number of entries written to the registry and by moving all the visual studio assemblies outside to of the GAC (global assembly cache) and into its own application folder. This modular approach allows visual studio to be uninstalled more cleanly.

Visual Studio Installer

The visual studio SDKs are now packed into workloads that are tailored to meet your specific needs without cluttering your computer with unnecessary tools. There are over twenty workloads out of the box (.Net Development, Azure Development, ASP.NET and Web Development …). The workloads are also customizable, allowing you install only what you need. As you needs change, you can install/uninstall more workloads and components.

Having the ability to install different versions of visual studio and tailor provides huge flexibility. Gone are the days when installing visual studio was a full day project. We can now install what we need, when we need it.

Mamadou Bah

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