Mobile Development with Visual Studio and Xamarin

Mobile applications are growing rapidly and organizations are trying to leverage this existing resources to develop more critical business apps. Traditional companies are using cloud technology and investing in mobile to stand out and enterprises are embracing innovation and new ways of working to mitigate threats from newcomers. More businesses are realizing that to be successful they must support not just one mobile app but a multi-app mobile strategy.

Thus, many .Net developers are wondering how to get started with mobile development. The major platforms IOS and Android requiring different languages Swift and Java respectively makes it difficult to get started. Xamarin solves this problem by taking .NET to the next level and extending it to support IOS and Android. With Xamarin, you can build native apps once and run them everywhere without compromising the user experience.

It provides the end users with:

  • Native user experience
  • Native performance
  • Native platform services

It provides the developers with:

  • 100% C# with 100% of platform APIs exposed
  • Up to 95% code reuse across platforms
  • Up to 100% shared UI with Xamarin.Forms
  • One code base and IDE for client and backend

Xamarin enables companies to leverage their existing development teams. It allows developers to use the same language, libraries, tools and by effortlessly sharing code among platforms. Xamarin eliminates rework and increases organizational innovation and responsiveness by delivering more apps faster.

Mamadou Bah

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