How Developers devalue themselves

Here are some of the techniques that Software Developers use to devalue themselves.

Focusing on technology, not business benefits

We love new technologies and we want to adopt and implement them right away. For us it makes sense since there are some cool features we want to use in our current project. We get upset if  the business does not allow us to upgrade the technology. Sometimes, we even decide to upgrade it on our own time.

If you want to adopt a new technology describe it in terms of the business value instead of the technical values. By explaining to the business the monetary or time benefits that the technology  provides, they are more likely to allocate time for the upgrade.

Not investing in  personal development

Technology is constantly changing, however, very few developers spend time learning new technologies. They are great at the technologies they use at work and do not realize that it is important to learn various technologies. Not enough developers read books to improve their skills and some only focus Front End or Back End. In our time, it is vital to constantly learn and expand our skills.

In my experience, companies are looking to save cost and would hire a Full-Stack developer over a specialist. The job market is very competitive and in order to  stay relevant you have to keep learning. As developers, we need to make learning part of our daily routine. Time spent learning can help increase your productivity and boost your self confidence.

Lack of Self Discipline

In my experience, finding developers that dress, act, and speak professionally is very difficult these days. A lot of developers don’t value personal appearance and only care about the quality of their code. As a result, developers get stuck in the same positions for years without a promotion and sometimes without a raise.

Developers that want to be valued and promoted must act professionally. The business leaders expect a certain level of professionalism from their employees and future leaders. One must have self discipline to move up the company ladder. Elbert Hubbard defined “Self-discipline as the ability to make yourself do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not.” Therefore, we must discipline ourselves to dress professionally, follow company rules and get to work on time.

Not Documenting

Some developers believe that writing cryptic code and not documenting anything makes them difficult to fire. Also, they do not identify areas that they can automate by fear of being put out of a job once they automate everything. Furthermore, some developers do not document the business value of the projects.

Most managers value employees that write code that is easy to understand and maintain. Also, they value employees who are willing to identify and improve business processes. By documenting the business value of the projects you worked on, you are more likely to have a better performance review and  a better raise.

Working long hours each week

This is probably the most common technique used by developers. Working every night until 2 am, then adding weekends to finish new features. This type of free work can easily add up to 80 hours a week. Also, this habit significantly reduces your hourly rate, increases stress and sets you up for Burnout.

As a developer, it is important to work at a sustainable pace. While we all agree that sometimes we need to work late to finish a project, this should not be part of our routine. We must schedule work hours and try to complete our work within those hours. Some techniques such as the Pomodoro technique can help us create unbroken chunks of time.

Mamadou Bah

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